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    16 April 2009


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    Sounds wonderful! I always skip the dinner recipes in cookbooks anyway (breakfast is my favorite meal) so this would be perfect!

    Now I see what I'm missing by getting the British Country Living...

    Thank you so much for the recommendation. Off to see their blog!

    K x


    Funny, Kristina--I always enjoy British Country Living when I can get ahold of a copy! But I certainly like the American Country Living--and I've heard that the May issue is especially good!

    The Vintage Kitten

    Hi Diane, At last I can comment, the faded button has come back to life. I did leave a message for you in my comments section to let you know I was unable to comment and because I had deleted my Twitter I couldnt let you know. The post I tried again to message you was the one when you said you were moving, so I hope that is going well. ooh the Cherry Crumble Pie looks divine! X

    The Vintage Kitten

    YAY! It worked!!!!!!! LOL! X

    vibram fivefingers

    YAY! It worked!!!!!!! LOL! X

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    Okay, so we don't live in Tokyo...

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